Help for writers… 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

‘Everyone has a book inside them…’

Many thanks to you who enjoy my books and that’s the reason why you venture out into the internet to read my blog. But I also know that a number of you are aspiring (or even successful) writers yourselves. 

When my first two novels, ‘Dragons Can Only Rust’ and ‘Dragon Reforged’ were published, this was by a professional publishing house. I didn’t have to worry about editing, formatting, or book cover. All that was taken care of for me. 

When I decided to self-publish those two books, and others I’ve written since, of course all this fell to me. And I felt rather inadequate to the task! How was I to go about getting a cover which would appeal to readers, how could I find an audience for my books when I don’t have the marketing muscle of a publisher behind me?

I searched the internet, and one of the most informative websites I’ve found is at Derek Murphy has filled his website with tutorials and thoughts on how to put together and to market your book. 

At the moment he’s running a ‘12 Days of Christmas Giveaways for Writers and Authors.’ There are fun things like book pillows and an Edgar Allan Poe lunchbox. More importantly, for writers, he’s offering the chance to win his expertise for your ebook or physical book design, and even an author platform review and marketing plan. And, finally, you could win a month’s free stay in a castle to write your next book!

For his assistance on book design, go to and to

Have a look, and good luck! Just click on the logo below to go to his website.