Free Stories

I have pulled together four of my short fantasy/science fictions stories, which are available FREE on various eBook formats at Smashwords. Simply click on the cover illustration below to be taken to their website.

Smashwords offer a version which you can read on any eReader. I have also put the collection onto Amazon, however Amazon doesn’t permit books to be free (!) so to order from them is $0.99 or £0.99. 


The stories are:

The Gift of the Unicorn

An injured knight, bitter from the battlefield, hunts the unicorn which he hates for not providing him with healing. 

A Mammoth Mistake

Two paleontologists are surprised to find an English Lord attempting to steal a fossilised lump of mammoth dung.

UnNaming the Beasts

God decides to take the world back from human hands.

Plus the first chapters of several of my books.