WRITER: I wrote my first short story when I was seven years old. Ever since that time I’ve been hooked on words, on how to wrestle with the inefficiencies of the human language to express our common struggles with love, life, and the universe.

My first dream was to earn my living as a full time writer. But the practical side of me realised that many try,and few succeed. So I obtained my degree in English and went to work in a bank. I wrote in my free time, and my first two novels (Dragons Can Only Rust and Dragon Reforged) were picked up by an international publisher. The advance was small,the sales equally so, and my resulting disappointment (plus the pressures of daily life) meant that the subsequent novels I wrote were left slumbering on my computer’s hard drive.

But in the twenty years since those two novels went out of print have seen a revolution in the book industry. And I have had twenty years to mature and change as well. I now work in a role which I find immensely rewarding (emotionally and spiritually, certainly not monetarily). So now I have a second dream. I enjoy the worlds I explore through my writing, and I’d like to share those worlds with others.

I have decided to self publish so that I can have full creative control over my works. I’m not interested in being commercial. For me success is measured not by numbers of readers but by the enjoyment of those who like my stories.

Discovering ‘The Hobbit’, age fourteen.

TRAVELLER: Having no children or spouse (my only dependent is a small parrot called Tilly) gives me time and money to explore the marvellous world in which we live. And which I’m trying to see before we destroy it all. In the last few years I’ve visited Peru, New Zealand, the Arctic, the Antarctic, as well as South Africa and North Korea. (I live in England.) 

I write a blog during my travels, and you can read about my voyages by clicking the button:

DRAGON WHISPERER: One of my most treasured possessions is a plastic dinosaur which used to accompany me to kindergarten. He was very patient in my teeth, and the marks left by my molars can be clearly seen in his tail. Dinosaurs have been a passion of mine for years. During my early teens I had a brief dalliance with a horse fixation. Then I discovered dragons (dinosaurs with wings!) and never looked back.

However in more recent years I’ve become fed up with the portrayal of dragons. In so many books/films/tv series the dragon ends up being little more than a glorified horse (takes the rider uncomplainingly from place to place) or The Big Bad. I understand that dragons are currently seeking legal advice. In the meantime, my novels attempt to give dragons (and other such creatures) as much depth of character as enjoyed by the humans.

Tilly. Less destructive than a dragon. Mostly. 

PRIEST: I’m a priest in the Church of England. Currently I provide training, and also serve as an Associate Vicar in an urban church. As I wrote earlier, I find the role fulfilling on many levels. In an age where many people have to work in jobs which they loathe, I consider myself to be very fortunate.

My interest in spirituality can be seen in my novels, although not all of them are explicitly Christian. I get to preach often enough in my church. I don’t feel the need to do so in my writing!