Stand alone novels

Michael swallowed. His father, screaming. His mother, her mouth open, eyes glazed, as he panicked and power swirled around her too. “Then you know.”

“I don’t know exactly what you’ve done,” the dragon corrected. “Iknow darkness. I can sense it. Jonathon ignores darkness,because he has no fear of it.”

“Why not?”

“That is for him to tell you. Even as it is for you to tell him what you have done.” In a gentler tone, the dragon added, “Jonathon has looked into many a dark place for others. That’s his job. Yours would not frighten him.”

There’s something wrong with him, as Michael’s mother has told him many times. What she doesn’t know is that he can use magic, and sometimes it escapes his control. All he wanted was for her to be happy, for his father to notice him. And they, and he, are suffering because he couldn’t manage his power.

Now a Soulsearcher called Jonathon has entered their lives, an adult who can still use magic. Because of Jonathon, Michael has flown on dragons, challenged unicorns, and met gryphons. But can Jonathon be trusted to teach him how to control his power? And can the Soulsearcher do so before Michael loses his battle with the monster under his bed?

'You will be chosen for the Judas Competition,' Lucifer said confidently. 'And you will win. Trust me, you will win. We'll make sure of it.'

The Competition to become the next Judas Disciple is heating up. For Corina, going through a divorce and stuck in a dead end job, it's her chance to finally have a glorious career. She'd be one of the Twelve Disciples that help Jesus to run the Kingdom of God, with the private jet and rich lifestyle of a chief executive. That would show her ex-husband.

But why does the Devil himself want her to become the next Judas Disciple?